the folk dances of shotokan

folk dances cover imagemany years ago, the ever-interesting and ever-popular website 24 fighting chickens had lots of articles of kata, including aspects of performance as well as history and descriptions of the 'official' shotokan kata. following an overhaul of the site a number of years ago, the author rob redmond gathered all of these together, added a few more things, and released the book kata: the folk dances of shotokan as a pdf download. later followed the hardback, printed-on-demand version, and later again he decided to make the book available for free.

click this link to download the pdf file

the original page at 24fightingchickens

the book is fascinating, and well worth a read. i bought the hardback version, with actual money, and i don't regret it. rob has a sound analytical approach to the history and meaning of kata, and is keen to dispel shotokan myths just as much as he readily accepts that in the end, people are going to do whatever they like. but his articles on principles of kata performance are spot-on, and reward the time spent reading. his descriptions of the kata themselves may not add anything to those found in other books, but are a good reference nonetheless.

read this book. read it, and come back better for it.