kanku dai

kanku dai is required for nidan, and alongside bassai dai may be considered one of the most important kata in shotokan, since all of the heian kata are derived from it. kanku dai is a difficult kata, not by virtue of complex technique, but by its imposing length, and the difficulty in remembering the sequence of combinations that are familiar from previously learned kata. within kanku dai are sections from heian shodan, nidan, sandan, yondan, and godan, as well as tekki shodan and bassai dai. consequently, the sequence can take time to master, and is most easily forgotten without frequent attention.

only a few new techniques appear in kanku dai, and so this may be considered 'basic' in the sense that a good foundation in lower kata will apply directly. the double jumping kick at the end of the kata is technically difficult, and should be studied well in order that the kata have a strong end. the length of the kata presents a challenge in maintaining speed and power through to the end, and it is thus useful to emphasise the punctuation throughout to provide moments of rest. avoid the temptation to 'pace' yourself through the kata, since this will make the whole kata weaker.

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