kata videos

the links below show videos for each of the shotokan kata currently practised, performed slowly to show individual techniques and then again in the proper rhythm. some attempt has been made to highlight common issues. like all kata performance, these versions are less than perfect and are meant only as an aid to study. different associations and even different instructors within associations often have their own interpretation of moves, and certain moves have been changed over the years; please always check with your own instructor that you are learning what you need to pass your grading. knowing common variations on kata can be instructive and informative, but remember there is no objective 'right' or 'wrong' way to do kata.

kihon kata

heian shodan

heian shodan: top 3 points

heian nidan

heian nidan: top 3 points

heian sandan

heian sandan: top 3 points

heian yondan

heian yondan: top 3 points

heian godan

heian godan: top 3 points

tekki shodan

bassai dai



kanku dai


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