kihon kata

kihon kata, where kihon means 'basics', is also known as taikyoku shodan, the first of the six taikyoku kata (and currently the only one routinely practiced in shotokan). while this kata is comprised of only two moves, the down block gedan barai and the lunge punch oi tsuki, the importance of learning the correct form when moving and turning in stance cannot be underestimated. further, the embusen line of the kihon kata is mirrored in the five heian kata that follow, and as such its value is hard to overestimate.

important points for kihon kata:
- stepping with correct width into front stance
- locking the back leg as the step finishes
- withdrawing the hikite fully
- erect posture
- synchronisation of arms and legs
- maintaining height by compressing the static leg
- moving only the stepping foot

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