the karate union of great britain

the karate union of great britain (kugb) is a democratic body controlled by its membership, and operates under an approved constitution. all positions on its committees are elected at the annual general meeting by its members. its fully audited accounts are presented annually for approval by the agm.

it consists of over 400 clubs, all of which practice shotokan karate. it was established in 1966 as a democratic and non-profit making organisation for the development of shotokan karate and is affiliated to european and world shotokan karate bodies. it has clubs established in many sports centres, universities and schools. it is by far the largest and most successful single-style association in great britain with currently almost 11,000 members who enjoy benefits, including free advanced courses and instructor's courses.

the kugb has worked with many establishment bodies over the years to develop standards and guidelines to help ensure that its instructors teach in a safe and professional manner. all their instructors are cleared by the criminal records bureau (crb).

for more information on the kugb, including competition news, instructor profiles and club locations, please visit the website at or by clicking the kugb logo displayed on this website.