library page

over the years, i have acquired a number of books on martial arts, and shotokan karate in particular, which spend most of the time being unread on my shelf. it seems sensible that these should be available to students who might gain something from them, but who also may not want to purchase their own copy at present. as such, i am making the following books available to be borrowed on an informal basis, on the understanding that they belong to me personally, not to the club, and as such any damage to them needs to be paid for as it is not covered by the club income. thanks!

Dynamic Karate
Masatoshi Nakayama - 'big orange'; the master text on shotokan karate

Best Karate 2
Masatoshi Nakayama - Fundamentals

Best Karate 3
Masatoshi Nakayama - Kumite 1

Best Karate 4
Masatoshi Nakayama - Kumite 2

Best Karate 5
Masatoshi Nakayama - Heian, Tekki

Best Karate 6
Masatoshi Nakayama - Bassai, Kanku

Best Karate 7
Masatoshi Nakayama - Jitte, Hangetsu, Empi

Best Karate 8
Masatoshi Nakayama - Gankaku, Jion

Best Karate 9
Masatoshi Nakayama - Bassai Sho, Kanku Sho, Chinte

Best Karate 10
Masatoshi Nakayama - Unsu, Sochin, Nijushiho

Best Karate 11
Masatoshi Nakayama - Gojushiho Sho, Gojushiho Dai, Meikyo

Karate Fighting Techniques
Hirokazu Kanazawa - a beautiful look at kumite

Stretching Scientifically
Thomas Kurz - a guide to flexibility training

Nerve Centres and Pressure Points
Bruce Tegner - intriguing analysis of striking points

Bruce Lee's Fighting Method
B. Lee and M. Uyehara - Skill in Techniques

i may or may not add to this list over time, and if lending of the books becomes popular i may instigate some sort of formal library sytem where the club owns a library. in the meantime, i hope this will be useful; just speak to me if you are interested in borrowing anything and i'll be happy to help.
- neil