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while the internet allows instant access to a vast number of resources, including video-sharing websites like youtube, it is worth remembering that not all resources are created equal and there are a great number of myths and bad practices in karate and martial arts generally. the following are some links which can be considered a good starting point for people looking for further information. please feel free to suggest further links to be included.

local clubs / new friends

egham karate club, is run by sensei dave austin with a number of excellent other instructors, and provides a high-level training for all grades and ages. very friendly, and hosting special courses throughout the year, and well worth dropping by if you're passing.

the rising sun karate academy is based in woking and guildford, with jamie sims instructing.

the ichi-ban karate club is based in crawley, run by robin and valerie dale. robin was recently awarded 5th dan, and is an excellent karateka.

the goshinjitsu karate club is run by my old friend and instructor, sensei mark o'connell. mark has a passion and love of karate, as well as a good sense of humour about the whole thing, and produces good students.

the wider world

the Japanese Karate Association, or JKA, may not be the last word in karate but it probably is the first. JKA instructors are known throughout the world for their high standard and their ability to inspire their students. the JKA website contains details about the organisaton but also a listing of JKA instructors throughout the world.

24 fighting chickens is written and maintained by rob redmond, who takes time to address all aspects of karate - including examining tricky issues and common misconceptions - in the forms of articles and podcasts. rob lived and trained in japan and brings a unique viewpoint to discussion of shotokan karate.

sensei andre bertel practices and teaches asai-ha karate in christchurch, new zealand, and in japan. his blog contains notes on his training and philosophy, as well as notifications of upcoming seminars around the world.

the shotokan way, an online shotokan magazine, is another useful resource on karate that provides a large quantity of articles and information on the art.

the world traditional karate organisation is an international organisation with its headquarters in new york. the wtko maintains high standards under the instruction of sensei richard amos, and holds many popular seminars.

old friends

oxfordshire's can do martial arts offers karate as well as jeet kune do, under the direction of sensei ben richardson. a hard-working, welcoming club with talented and friendly guidance.

the denchi kai academy, with clubs in the north east, is run by a team of instructors headed by sensei steve smith. the standard is high, the atmosphere very friendly, and the people are absolutely hilarious. one of the best clubs i've trained at.

MUSKC is an exceptionally high-standard club, run by sensei garry harford, with a good social scene for students at the university.

dartmouth college, in new england, has an informal and often unorthodox shotokan club. sensei joe schoenig has a long history in shotokan and philosophy to match. a great club for novices, with some interesting characters and notable guest instructors.