100 man kumite live stream!

on the club's first birthday celebration, 25th january 2012, the club held a "1 vs 100" charity event, pitting the club members (and guests) against the instructor, neil jerome. billed as a 'friendly charity event', it was a chance for people try out their kumite skills against an ever-tiring opponent, with the aim being to raise money for the KUGB charity appeal, the Smile Train. the challengers ranged from white belts to fifth dans, children and adults, and everyone put in a grand effort and made the day very successful in terms of both the karate and raising a total of over £550.

the embedded object allows you to watch the event in full - fighting begins at around 12 minutes in. the score, in the end, was 84 to 16 points, with some good points scored by people who are really only just starting out in jiyu-kumite. it sets the target!

with special mention to those who only recently started karate, with a hope that they will return next year with more experience to try to beat this year's score, to avi wolfsthal for his help in publicity, and to sensei dave austin and sensei blyth baker of the egham club for their support, this was a hugely successful event and one that everyone can be rightly proud of.

while we remember sensei funakoshi's assertion that the ultimate goal of the art of karate is not in victory or defeat, but rather in the perfection of the character of its participants, it is wonderful that we continue to challenge ourselves to improve, and to do so at the same time as asking ourselves what we can do for others. thank you all.

online donation will remain open after the event (click here)

the rules/procedure for the event were:

- this is a friendly event! points will be given generously, not to competition standards of judging. no-one is getting hurt at our party!
- all karateka, regardless of grade, are allowed to enter
- for every point i win, the club will donate one pound to the smile train
- for every point a challenger wins, the club donates four pounds
- once a point has been won/lost, the challenger returns to the line
- all referee instructions must be followed
- challengers are allowed to drop out and return as they like
- after each five points, i am allowed a short break for a drink (if i want)
- there is no time limit
- if there are no remaining challengers, all remaining points are awarded to me
- if i drop out, all remaining points are awarded to the challengers

we hope you enjoy this event, and thank you for helping us to raise money for what we think is a worthwhile cause, and thank you also for supporting our karate club and all those who took part. everyone is always welcome at our club, and we wish everyone a good year for all the things you had planned, and for all the unexpected opportunities that come up.