resource page

welcome to the resource page; over time, this page will contain links to more and more useful karate resources. at present, there is little here, but please feel free to look around as well as ask for things you would like to see.

KUGB grading syllabus - details of what is required for each grading.

KUGB events listing - external link to KUGB events diary.

KUGB licence form (pdf) - until the online thing works, you'll need this!

articles page - a number of articles on different aspects of karate.

kata videos - links to videos of kata. updated infrequently.

library scheme - list of karate books/materials available for borrowing.

glossary of terms - glossary of japanese terms used in karate.

the dojo kun - an explanation of the dojo kun and its meaning.

the niju kun - an explanation of funakoshi's niju kun and its meaning.

external links page - links to external karate sites that may be of interest.

LOTW page - archive of the 'link of the week' feature.

kata: the folk dances of shotokan - a free PDF of rob redmond's book on shotokan kata.