tekki shodan

tekki shodan is often taught in order to grade to brown belt, whereas the other tekki kata are reserved for higher dans. the relative simplicity of the embusen, simply back and forth in kiba-dachi, actually makes the kata very difficult to perform well, as there is little gross movement of the body weight and thus the power and crispness must be delivered entirely from the upper body. maintaining a low stance is crucial, with steps and sweeps requiring strong use of the hara. the second half of the kata is an exact mirror of the first; this symmetry is unique to tekki shodan, though the higher tekki kata have similar elements.

important points for tekki shodan:
- maintaining low height throughout
- exaggeration of tension on stopping points
- not allowing knees to move when twisting
- head turning at correct points
- sweeping in front, not inside, with name ashi
- close positioning of feet in kosa dachi to minimise 'drift'

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